ESR9 activity

ESR 9 Cormac Murphy started 11-1-2016
To be done

ESR 9 Alexandra Goncalves started 5-11-2013 until 28-02-2015
23.10-25.10.2014: Abstract, Kobolak, J., A. Goncalves, and A. Dinnyes. Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS). in CoVet - International Veterinary Congress. Prague, Czech Republic.
01.10-03.10.2014: Poster Presentation, Gonçalves, A., McEvoy, K., Kobolak, J., Roberts, S.A., Dinnyes, A., Brison, D.R., “Analysis of Time-Lapse parameters as predictors of pregnancy outcome in human embryos”, EPICONCEPT, Epigenetics and Periconception Environment, COST Action FA1201, Vilamoura, Portugal
27.09.2013: Published poster for “Researcher Night” program in Hungary, Planetárium Budapest.
18.01.2014: Start event of the Hungarian Talent Market Program. Dinnyes, A., A. Chandrasekaran, A. Goncalves, and A. Ochalek: “Tehetség Piactér program indító rendezvény –.” RTL Klub TV News. 
26.09.2014: Participation in the country-wide Researcher Night “Planting trees and standing plaque named after Maria Alexandra Martins Gonçalves, a foreign MSC fellow of Marie Curie”.