ESR5 activity

ESR 5 Celia Delahaye 
12-12-2017 Publication in Cold Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol 2015. 80: 177-187, Title: “ZFP57 and the Targeted Maintenance of Postfertilization Genomic Imprints”
1-9-2016 Presentation in Spain, Sevilla at Celgene, “30-minute presentation of Marie Curie actions and EpiHealthNet goals”
1-7-2016 Outreach in U.K., Cambridge, “Medical student supervision, cell culture – chromatin immunoprecipation – qPCR”
23-5-2016 Outreach in U.K., Cambridge at the Pint of Science 2016 in Cambridge, “Participation in the organisation “Our body” team, 3 nights of talks, inviting speakers, Coordination of the talks” 
1-1-2016 Outreach in U.K., Cambridge at the Cambridge University Science Festival event for the Genetics Department, “Organisation of and participation: Origami DNA and DNA with Gummy Bears”
11-4-2015 Presentation in France,  Paris at the Final Epigenesys meeting, “the future of epigenetics and system biology”
18-11-2014: Presentation in U.K., Cambridge at the Genetics Seminars and the Epigenetic Club
03-04-2014: Poster Presentation in USA, Boston at the Keystone Symposia, “The role of KRAB Zinc Finger Proteins in epigenetic control”
01-10-2014: Presentation in China, Shenzhen at BGI China, “Marie Curie actions and EpiHealthNet goals”