Metabolon, headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC, is a diagnostic products and services company offering the industry’s leading biochemical profiling platform. Our patented platform provides a global analysis of complex biological samples for the discovery of markers and pathways associated with drug action and disease. This differentiated approach enables the identification of biomarkers useful for the development of a wide range of diagnostics and provides insight into complex biochemical processes such as drug action, toxicology and bioprocess optimization.

Core Technology
Metabolon has developed and patented technology and methodologies that simultaneously detect and quantify all of the small molecules present in complex biological specimens. This is extremely important because these small molecules represent the products of cellular metabolism, which change in response to disease and drug therapy.
One of the major advantages of this approach is the vast amount of biochemical information that has been assembled from 100 years of biochemical research. Leveraging this knowledge base, we can more easily discover biochemical biomarkers that can be used to readily identify pathways and targets involved in disease and drugs. The unique advantage of the biomarkers discovered by Metabolon is that biochemical markers represent changes which are truly indicative of the drug action or disease mechanisms and is generally not achieved through other approaches, such as transcriptomics or proteomics.
Metabolon’s technology is extremely robust and has been rigorously tested and validated as a powerful tool for discovery of biomarkers of disease, drug efficacy, drug toxicity and mechanism of action in clinical specimens by over 1500+ studies with pharmaceutical, government and academic investigators.