UMA (University of Manchester) has an exceptional record of generating and sharing new ideas and innovations. Today, we are one of the world's top centres for biomedical research, leading the search for new treatments for life-threatening diseases. Manchester aims to be one of the top 25 research Universities in the world. The University's total expenditure on research has grown by around 31% from £308m in 2004-5 to £405m in 2008-9. The University attracted more than £277m in external research funding in 2009 - 10. This funding comes from a variety of sources including government and research councils, charities, industrial partners and sponsors. Greater Manchester was the birthplace of clinical IVF treatment (Louise Brown in 1978)
Principal Investigators: Prof. Daniel Brison, Dr. Steve Roberts.
Daniel Brison
Professor Daniel Brison is a Consultant Embryologist and Scientific Director of the clinical Department of Reproductive Medicine, St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester, and Professor (hon.) of Clinical Embryology and Stem Cell biology at the University of Manchester.   He is Person Responsible to the HFEA for licences in embryo research and embryonic stem cells, and Co-Director of the NW Embryonic Stem Cell Centre.  He is a member of the HFEA's Scientific and Clinical Advances Advisory Committee, an advisor to the MHRA on IVF and vice-chair of the UK National Clinical human Embryonic Stem Cells Forum.  He is NW Regional Tutor for Clinical Embryology training and an examiner for the Royal College of Pathologists.  He has worked in reproductive medicine/biology and stem cell biology for more than 25 years.  His clinical and research interests are wide ranging and include:  the characterization of early human development at the molecular level, the impact of environmental factors, statistical modeling of embryo selection, non-invasive assays of embryo health, the regulation of pluripotency in embryos and embryonic stem cells, the impact of technology in ART on embryo and child health, and the derivation and characterization of clinical grade stem cells for the treatment of disease and in cartilage repair.
Steve Roberts
Steve Roberts is an applied biostatistician and Senior Lecturer in the Biostatistics Group at Manchester University, a post part-funded by the Central Manchester and Manchester Children’s University Hospitals (NHS) Trust. Prior to that he worked for many years as a Biostatistician at the Paterson Institute for Cancer Research.
Fellow: Catherine Castillo, ESR 8