BioTalentum Ltd. is a world-class leading technology provider in Central Europe in the field of discovery and development of novel cellular and animal models for research and drug testing.
We provide solutions to researchers in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical, and academic sectors worldwide.
Our Company provides a broad, comprehensive range of services to companies and academic laboratories, including:
Stem cell research
Transgenic cellular models
Transgenic animal models.
Our expertise, tools and technologies support the work of academic and pharmaceutical partners to advance stem cell and regenerative medicine based research and drug discovery in order to bring new and better medicines to the market.
BIOTALENTUM CONSULTING is the project and management support branch of Biotalentum Ltd. 8 years of experience in EU FP6 and FP7 proposal submission, project execution and coordination allows excellent services for academic and industrial teams, including setting up and management of projects and trainings on complimentary skills.
Principal Investigator: Dr. Ildiko Nagy, Julianna Kobolak

Julianna Kobolak studied Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at the Agricultural Faculty of Szent István University (SZIU) Gödöllő, Hungary (1993-1998). She finished her PhD at SZIU in 2004 while she was working in the Embryology Laboratory of the Agricultural Biotechnology Center (ABC) at Gödöllő. As postdoctoral fellow she worked there until 2007. Her general research interest is stem cell biology with special focus on pluripotency and stem cell niche regulation. In 2013 she joined to BioTalentum Ltd. and currently she is the Deputy Director of Research at the company.

Fellow Abinaya Chandrasekaran, ESR 3

University of Nottingham (United Kingdom) - Masters in Stem Cell Technology. (2011) Anna University (India) - Bachelors in Industrial Biotechnology, B.Tech. (2006-2010)
Fellow Karolina Szczesna, ER1