Annual Meeting 2016

Annual meeting EpiHealthNet 14th of June 2016 Manchester, UK
Venue St Marys Hospital, Oxford Rd, M13 9WL, 5th floor Department of Anaesthesia

09:30-11:00 Manchester University Tour, Daniel Brison
11:00-11:15 Welcome by the Coordinator Andras Dinnyes
Reporting and Secondments
11:15-11.30 Progress Report 2016 / Periodic Report 2015 / Mid Term report 2015 Paul Blank
11.30-11.45 Final report 2017, deliverables and milestones Paul Blank
11.45-12.00 Financial update reporting  Paul Blank
12.00-12.15 Secondments: update, changes and future Paul Blank 
12.15-12.30 Ethics update Andras Dinnyes
12.30-13.20 Lunch
Work Packages 
13:20-13.30 WP 1 Project Management and quality control update Paul Blank
13.30-13.40 WP 2 Training-through-research Anne Ferguson-Smith
13.40-13.50 WP 3 Annual Scientific Trainings (AST) Tom Fleming
13.50-14.00 WP 4 ACT and WP5 Dissemination and outreach activities Andras Dinnyes
Sub Program and Joined Publications
14:00-14:20 SP1 Effects of maternal diabetes and/or obesity on early embryo metabolism: Bernd Fischer
14:20-14:40 SP2 Human ART and adult health: Tom Fleming
14:40-15:00 Coffee break
15:00-15:15 SP3 Periconception epigenetic and imprinting programming mechanism: Anne Ferguson-Smith
15:15-15:30 SP4 Data mining, bioinformatics analyses and modelling Pietro Lio
Dissemination and Outreach
15:30-15:45 Dissemination update and future plans Paul Blank
15:45-16:00 Outreach update and future plans Paul Blank
Student Representative
16:00-16:15 Student representative: Interaction between fellows - Catherine Castillo 
Future plans
16:15-17:15 Open discussion about future plans, future of the fellows, future projects