Summer School and Final Dissemination

Date: 17-20 April 2016
Venue: Hungary
Situational Self Leadership: „How to take the lead when you are not in charge” /
Trainer: Antal Pintér, Senior Trainer/
VENUE: CE PLAZA HOTEL, “Opalina room”
8.00-9.00 Why Take The Lead?
9.00-10.30 Leadership: Where Does It Come From?
10.30-10.45 Coffee break
10.45-12.15 Taking The Lead: Creating Structure
12.15-13.45 Taking the Lead: Overcoming Disillusionment
13.45- 14.45 LUNCH BREAK
14.45- 16.15 Taking The Lead: Building Self Reliance
16.15-16.30 Coffee Break
16.30-18.00 Taking The Lead: Taking Authority
Linking Science to Business: Intellectual property and Commercialization / Trainer:
Dr. Istvan MOLNAR /
VENUE: CE PLAZA HOTEL, “Opalina room”
8.30-8.40 Opening Remarks
8.40-9.30 The Principles of the Management of Innovation
9.30- 10.30 The Basics of Intellectual Property
10.30-10.45 Coffee break
10.45-11.30 Introduction of the European patent System I.
11.30-12.00 LUNCH BREAK
12.00- 13.00 Introduction of the European patent System II.
13.00-13.45 IP Related Management Tasks of a Knowledge-based Company
13.45-14.00 Coffee Break
14.00-14.45 The transfer of technology I: Licensing transactions
14.45-15.30 The transfer of technology II: Management of research collaborations
9.00-10.30 JOURNAL CLUB PART 1, Daniel Brison, Tom Fleming,
10.30-10.45 Coffee Break
10.45-12.15 Implantation from the embryonic aspect, Szekeres Júlianna
12.15-13.15 LUNCH
13.15-14.45 JOURNAL CLUB PART 2, Daniel Brison, Tom Fleming,
14.45-16.15 Csaba Pribenszky, VITROLIFE
16.15-16.30 Coffee Break
16.30-18.00 András Dinnyés, BIOT
09:00-09:30 Registration
09.30-10.00 Welcome and Developmental origin of adulthood diseases: what we can learn from human ART and animal experiments?
Speaker: Prof. Andras Dinnyes, BioTalentum Ltd., Hungary
10.00-10:30 How technological choices are affecting the outcome of human ART?
Speaker: Prof. Daniel Brison, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
10:30-10:45 Coffee break
10:45-11:15 What mice can tell us about the future health of our babies?
Speaker: Prof. Tom Fleming, University of Southampton, United Kingdom
11:15-11:45 Non-invasive prediction of embryo competence by time-lapse image analysis
Speaker: Dr. Csaba Pribenszky, Vitrolife Ltd., Hungary
11.45-12.05 Investigating the Impact of In Vitro Fertilisation on Birth Weight Outcomes,
Speaker: Catherine Castillo; ESR Fellow
12.05-12.25 Impact of maternal diabetes on DNA methylation in rabbit blastocyst,
Speaker: Katarzyna Grybel, ESR Fellow
12.25-13.00 Light Lunch and Poster Session (List of posters on the next page)
13.00-13.20 In Vitro Oxidative Stress Model: differential response of human somatic and ESC to longterm hydrogen peroxide exposure
Speaker: Maria Barandalla, ESR Fellow
13.20-13.40 Derivation and use of mouse embryonic stem cell lines as model for mechanistic analysis of periconceptional developmental programming,
Speaker: Pooja Khurana, ESR Fellow
13.40-14.00 Comparison of 2 and 3 dimensional neuronal induction methods for the generation of neural progenitor cells from human iPSCs,
Speaker: Abinaya Chandrasekaran, ESR Fellow
14.00-14.20 Computational identification of key genes and pathways associated with ART early development
Speaker: Hui Xiao, ESR Fellow
14.20-14.35 Coffee break
14.35-15.20 Roundtable discussion on the needs of ART follow up and risk management.
15.20-15.30 Close of workshop
Poster Session:
3D engineered neural tissue from patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells as a tool for Alzheimer’s disease modelling
A. Ochalek, T.Bellák, A. Chandrasekaran, V. Szegedi, H. Avci, E. Varga, K. Szczesna, B. Schmidt, S. Zhou, P. Hyttel, J. Kobolák and A.Dinnyés
Characterization of INSC93S transgenic pigs as a large animal model of maternal diabetes and its effects on fetal and neonatal offspring.
A. Martins, C. Braun, E. Streckel, A. Blutke, N. Klymiuk, A. Baehr, B. Rathkolb, R. Wanke, M. Hrabe de Angelis, E. Wolf and S. Renner
Characterization of KRAB zinc finger protein 263 in mouse embryonic stem cells
C. Delahaye, A. Noon, H. Shi, A.C. Ferguson-Smith
Asynchronous embryo transfer affects the expression of imprinted genes in equine trophectoderm
C. Gibson, M. de Ruijter Villani, T.A.E. Stout
MicroRNAs in bovine cumulus cells as predictors of oocyte developmental competence
K. Uhde, Helena T.A. van Tol, T. A.E. Stout and B.A.J. Roelen